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Updates...! Update...,!,Refresh your senses with the “Vibrant Summer” an open house at the Verdana Homes Asyana Clubhouse. This April 28, 2012 from two in the afternoon until six in the evening, Verdana Homes Asyana will cool off the summer heat with fun-filled activities for everyone in the family.The open house will include a bubbles station, paper boat making and racing, henna tattoo and face painting, swimming and badminton activities. There will also be food and beverage stalls onsite. Verdana Homes Asyana is a contemporary Asian-inspired community located in Negros’ first fully-integrated, mixed-use, master planned development, the Ayala North Point Estates. Verdana Homes Asyana provides a secure, modern and enjoyable setting for young and active families with homes that complement nature. Join and enjoy Asyana’s “Vibrant Summer” and experience summer in a premier residence designed to encourage vibrant living. Verdana Homes Asyana places value on family and lasting friendships in a neighborhood where fun and adventure can always be found.For inquiries on the event please contact Emilou at 708 8900 or drop by the Ayala North Point office at North Point, National Highway, Talisay City.. ...,
Verdana Homes

ASYANA Verdana Homes |

Asyana_Verdana _Homes_GuardHouse Asyana_bacolod_Location_map
Verdana Homes ASYANA is  Alveo Land's newest residential  offering in Negros designed to  bring home countless  possibilities for fun and adventure.   Envisioned as a community for active families, the  village amenities place value on quality family time  through open space planning, numerous parks, long  trails and other recreational conveniences that  encourage vibrant living among friends and loved ones. Adopting a new yet familiar philosophy of welcoming  the contiguous tropical space, Verdana Homes Asyana  showcases the best of Asian designs through Modern  Asian architecture. This will allow houses to blend each  color, line, texture and form with the naturally beautiful  environment and climate.  This design philosophy embraces Verdana Homes        Asyana's charms — bamboos along the river and mountain ranges on the horizon amid relaxing bird songs and constantly flowing water. Verdana Homes Asyana is clustered with the Ayala  North Point, Plantazionne Verdana Homes, Amaia  Scapes and Avida Village North Point. Verdana Homes  Asyana is nestled in a central and prime location five  minutes away from Bacolod City and near the new  Bacolod-Silay Airport.  Located within the vicinity are  the pre-school and sports stadium of St. John's  Institute, a gasoline station with convenience store, an  area planned for retail components, Techno Hub and  Ayala Mall. (view Verdana Homes Asyana Map.)  More than these, residents will benefit from Ayala  Land's superior property management and 24/7  security to constantly ensure peace of mind and  enduring value of the property. A neighborhood among family and friends with fun and  adventure at every turn, Verdana Homes ASYANA is the  new ideal place where one can build a lifetime of  memories.   
Asyana Verdana Homes
Through the National Highway linking Bacolod City to the Northern towns of Negros Occidental 

Bacolod for sale Properties

amaia-steps-bacolod PROP A01: Amaia Steps Bacolod,is the first mid-rise residential condominium project of Amaia land in Bacolod City. The Amaia Steps condominium would cater the increasing demand for residential dwellings in the busiest commercial areas of Bacolod City.
bacolod_real_estate0" PROP 01: Residential Lot, Located at Brgy 1 Capitol Subdivision,Bacolod City, Lot Area=300 sqm.,Price=1.6 Million

bacolod_real_estate"PROP 02: Residential Lot, Located at Brgy Hermilinda Bacolod City, Lot Area=294 sqm.,Price=350 Thousand

bacolod_real_estate"PROP 03: Residential Lot, Located at Brgy. Hermilinda Bacolod City, Lot Area=271 sqm.,Price=300 Thousand

bacolod_real_estate2"PROP 04: Residential Lot, Located at Brgy Sum-ag Bacolod City, Lot Area=300 sqm.,Price=500 Thousand

bacolod_real_estate3"PROP 05: Agricultural Lot, Located at Brgy. Sagasa Bago City, Lot Area=3000 sqm.,Price=2.5 Million

bacolod_real_estate4"PROP 06: Commercial Lot with Dilapidated Building, Located at Rizal St.Bacolod City Lot Area=388 sqm.,Price=3.5 Million

bacolod_real_estate5"PROP 07: Residential Lot Located at Henrietta, Singcang Bacolod City Lot Area=250sqm,Price=830 Thou,

bacolod_real_estate6"PROP 08: Residential Lot, Located at Barangay Bata.Bacolod City Lot Area=388 sqm.,Price=1,8 Million

bacolod_real_estate7"PROP 09: Bacolod Commercial Building, Located at Gatuslao St.Bacolod City Lot Area=1026sqm,Price=45 Million, negotiable

bacolod_real_estate8"PROP 10: Industrial Building/Warehouse Building, Araneta St.Bacolod City Lot Area=2,759sqm,Price=75 Million, negotiable

bacolod_real_estate9"PROP 11: Bacolod Mansion House, Located at Sta. Clara Subdivision, Bacolod City, Price=30 Million

bacolod_real_estate10"PROP 12: Beach Front Property, Located just 45 minutes away from Bacolod City Lot Area=4000sqm, Price=4 Million

bacolod_real_estate11"PROP 13: Bacolod Residential Raw Land, Located in Cabug Bacolod City Total Land Area=103 ha, Price=P400/sqm

bacolod_real_estate12"PROP 14: Bacolod Residential Land, Located in Cabug Bacolod City, Bisecting by national highway Total Area=52.90 ha, hectares, Price=P400/sqm

bacolod_real_estate13"PROP 15: Bacolod Residential Land, Located in Vista Alegre Bacolod City, Bisecting by national highway Area=46.88 hectares, Compose of 2 Titles; Lot no. 1074-D-3, 1074-D-4, Price=P400/sqm

bacolod_real_estate14"PROP 16: Residential House and lot, 1 storey with 2 Bedroom and 1 toilet and Bath, Lot 25 Block 14 Gardenville Subdivision Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod City LA=350 sqm, FA= 222 sqm., Price=2 Million.

bacolod_real_estate15"PROP 17: Residential House and lot, Storey with 2 Bedroom and 1 toilet and Bath, Lot 18 Block 10, Gardenville Subdivision Phase 3 Barangay Mansilingan Bacolod City LA=137 sqm, FA=97sqm., Price=850 Thousand.

bacolod_real_estate16"PROP 18: Residential House and lot, 2 Storey with 4 Bedroom and 3 toilet and bath, Lot 17, 18, 19, 20 Block 6 Canna Azucena St. Villa Georgina Subd. Mandalagan Bacolod City LA=400, FA=276 sqm., Price=4 Million.

bacolod_real_estate17"PROP 19: PRP 18 Industrial Lot, Located at Lot 1442-C-3-B-2 Sto. Nino Brgy Banago Bacolod City Negros Occidental Lot Area= 12,416 sqm Price=65 Million.

bacolod_real_estate18"PROP 21: Residential Lot, Located at Lots 527-H-3 and H4 Tomaro Road, Brgy. Pahanokoy Bacolod City Negros Occidental. Land Area=10,216 sqm., Price=12.5 Million.

bacolod_real_estate19"PROP 22: Residential Lot, Located at Lot 16 Block 2 Mt. Cuernos de Negros Street Marapara Subdivision Bacolod City Negros Occidental, Land Area=630 sqm., Price=1.8 Million.

bacolod_real_estate20"PROP 23: Residential Lot, Located at Lot 1 Block 2 Mt. Mt. Malinao-Mt Mirador Marapara Subdivision Bacolod City Negros Occidental, Land Area=630 sqm., Price=1.8 Million.

bacolod_real_estate21"PROP 24: Residential Lot, Located at Lot 16 Villa Servando Subdivision Jr. Torres Airport, Bacolod city, Negros occidental., Land area = 2,736 sqm.., Price=4.11 Million.

bacolod_real_estate22"PROP 25: Residential Lots, 4 lots Located at Town and Country Talisay City Negros Occidental, Area = 240 to 262 sqm. Price= P4,400/sqm.

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 26: Commercial Lot, Located at Lots 624-A to 624-I, Araneta St. Brgy. Sum-ag, Bacolod City., Land Area= 2,248 sqm., Price=6.3 Million..

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 27: Residential Lot, located at L2 B1 A-4 Along ROW, Mandalagan Bacolod City., Land Area= 500 sqm., Price=P446,000..

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 28 Residential Lot, Located at B6 Lot 2&3 Mt. Carmel St. Mountain View Subdivision. Bacolod City., Land Area= 220 sqm., Price=P698,000..

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 29 Residential Lot, Located at Block 8 Lot 1 @ 2 Forest Park Subdivision Forest Park Subdivision, Brgy. Taculing Bacolod City., Land Area= 215 sqm., Price=P1,078,000.

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 30: House and Lot, Located at Block L6-B Bakyas Mansilingan Bacolod City., Land Area= 522 sqm., Floor Area=221 sqm Price=P2,499,000.

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 31: House and Lot, Located at Block 18 lot 4 Acacia Road, Villa Angela Subdivision Brgy., Villamonte Bacolod City., Land Area= 288 sqm., Floor Area=404 sqm., Price=P3,036,000

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 33: House and Lot, Located at Block 21 Lot 11 Gardenville Subdivision Brgy. Pahanocoy Bacolod City., Land Area= 540 sqm., FLoor Area=251 sqm., Price=P2,794,000

bacolod_real_estate23"PROP 34: House and Lot, Located at Block 12 Lot 3 Narra St. Woodside Subdivision Brgy. Alijis Bacolod City., Land Area= 120 sqm., FLoor Area=174 sqm., Price=P2,017,000

Condominium Residences
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